Motobé, Abidjan, Ivory Coast


A worldwide project


ADRASEC CÔTE D’IVOIRE has set itself, among other goals, to bring together natural persons who are radio amateurs, listeners, rescuers, instructors, divers, security technicians, etc. wishing, within the framework of their competence, to contribute to the actions carried out by the Protection and Civil Security, at its explicit request and under its authority.

In this, ADRASEC CÔTE D’IVOIRE has been able to surround itself with the best experts, not hesitating to ask for the cooperation of radio amateurs and technicians from other African countries, but also from France, and in particular by benefiting from a link privileged with the internationally known radio club, F6KOP, from the city of Provins (Seine et Marne – FRANCE).

The Constitutive General Assembly of the Association for the Development of Amateur Radio in Civil Security took place in Abidjan on December 2, 2015, after having acquired the certainty that this brand new structure could bring “something” to the country.

ADRASEC CÔTE D’IVOIRE represents a group of about fifteen duly licensed radio amateurs specialized in the search for distress beacons and in emergency radio transmissions. Referenced by international bodies such as the I.U.T. or the I.A.R.U. R1, ADRASEC CÔTE D’IVOIRE obtains its approval.

Approved on January 12, 2017 by the Ministry of the Interior under the reference 002/MEMIS/DGAT/DAG/SDVA, ADRASEC CÔTE D’IVOIRE is integrated into a French-speaking International Emergency Network bringing together nearly thirty countries and French DOM/TOM. This HF radio network is in direct contact with FNRASEC operators broadcasting from the Operational Center for Interministerial Crisis Management (C.O.G.I.C.) located on the premises of the Ministry of the Interior in Paris. Specialized in « Emergency Communications », the operators are requisitioned by the authorities during disasters that no longer allow the usual telephone communications.